Tübingen Chocolate Festival: Sampling our Way Through Germany’s Largest Chocolate Market

Chocolate hedgehogs! Creamy, thick, hot chocolate served with Amaretto! Row upon row of Belgian Chocolates! This weekend, I went to the Chocolate Festival in Tübingen with friends, Germany’s largest chocolate festival, and it was pretty damn wonderful.

Founded in the 1100s, Tübingen is one of Germany’s most idyllic towns. Filled with cobblestone streets, half timbered pastel houses and glittering pine trees during this time of year, Tübingen is a magical place.

Checking in at about 35 degrees, it was definitely a brisk day in Tübingen, which served to enhance the Christmasy vibe. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this festival, but let me tell you, this was some of the most delicious chocolate I have had in my life. The chocolate hedgehogs from a Belgian stall were my absolute whimsical favorite, and I feel could have been perfectly at home in Harry Potter. Every chocolate we tried including the salted caramel truffles and chocolate mousse truffles were divine. The hot chocolate was much creamier  then in the U.S, think the hot chocolate from Chocolat (you know, Johnny Depp’s favorite drink), and served with Amaretto. They also had a stall with a deli display window full of breads, pizzas, salamis, eggs and other deli goods all made from chocolate!

We strolled the town sampling chocolates, and enjoying the buzz of the city. The festival is quite large, set in the main Marketplatz square, and filtering out to other side streets. We explored the castle and took in the beautiful views.

I am going to make this post short and sweet, as a friend of mine from college is visiting and I am desperately trying to get over a hideous cold, so that I can show her a great time in Germany!

The 2019 Festival will be held Dec 3 through Dec 8th.  If at all possible, I recommend visiting this during the week, as it is a very popular festival 🙂 It is an easy hour and a half train ride from Stuttgart.

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