A Budget Guide to Costco’s Best Sparkling Wines

I’m Sampling the Budget Bubbly At Costco – And Listing the Tastiest Options!

After 18 months living in Germany, where everything is sold in relatively small packaging (no gallon milks to be more specific) I was quite excited to visit Costco – forty Baby Bell cheeses? I NEED THOSE!!

I was especially looking forward to browsing the bubbly and wine options. Costco has some great private label choices, particularly from France and Italy. I really enjoyed the Cremont’s in Paris and Strasbourg and have been on the look-out since. On our latest Costco trip, I picked up 4 different sparkling wines all under 12 bucks and plan to compare them for you. I will continue to pick up different options each trip until I have found the very best budget friendly choices.

im ready to party kristen wiig GIF

Zardetto Prosecco Brut ($10.99): This was a winner. Crisp, refreshing, bright, great bubbles. Would be tasty in mimosas. Would buy again.

Image result for Zardetto Prosecco Brut Costco

Prince Alexandre Cremant De Loire Brut ($11.99): Another winner. You really can’t go wrong with a Cremant, in my opinion. Crisp, fruity, and smooth.

Image result for Prince Alexandre Cremant De Loire Brut costco

Bellenda Rose Brut Vino Spumante de Venetzia ($11.99): Bright, notes of strawberry, nice bubbles. Slightly on the sweet side, but did not stop us (my hubby and I), from polishing off a bottle while watching A Simple Favor. Note, if you have not seen this movie, Blake Lively really knows how to sell a martini. Also, she’s a total Smokeshow. Would buy again.

Stay tuned for my next round of budget samples!







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