A Beautiful Beach Backpacking Trip in Point Reyes

Exactly one year ago last September, we went on a backpacking trip to Coast Camp in Point Reyes as part of our anniversary celebrations. We were hoping to go again this year, but the area is closed due to COVID-19 and fire damage (I know, dark days in California). In celebration of this beautiful hike, here are a few highlights:

Beach Backpacking - Point Reyes, CA

Exploring the beach in Point Reyes, CA
Catch & release of course!
Beach backpacking - Point Reyes, CA
Beautiful skies, beautiful beach

Exploring the beach - Point Reyes, CA

We had the beach pretty much to ourselves, and spent the day exploring the coast line,  enjoying the wildlife, picnicking and sipping champagne (yeah, the hike is so easy we carried in a bottle of bubbles and put it in our water pouch for easy sipping – #winningatadulting).

Beach - Point Reyes, CATidepool, Point Reyes, CA

We had breakfast the next morning on the beach and hung out with playful seals who popped up in front of us in the surf to say hello, flocks of pelicans, coyotes and a family of beach deer who came down to the sand to graze and play! I didn’t even know deer liked the beach!

Breakfast Time! Point Reyes, Coast Camp
Breakfast time! Hot coffee, blueberry muffins and that view!
Coyote! Coast Camp, Point Reyes, CA
Can you spot the coyote?

The hike is easy peasy – a two mile flat stretch in and out. It is minimum input and maximum payoff considering the proximity to the beautiful beach and sweeping views. We stayed at Coast Camp, a five minute walk from the beach. We loved hearing the waves from our campsite, spotting deer and coyote, and watching the fog roll in during the evening.

Getting ready to hike! Point Reyes, CA
Check out my shirt – gift from Brad. Reads: Sloth Hiking Team – We’ll Get There When We Get There:D
Backpacking - Point Reyes, CA
Hiking trails, Point Reyes, CA
This is the route back. Can you see the coyote in the distance? This little guy trotted in front of us for a long while. They are so curious!
Fawn spotting - Coast Camp, Point Reyes CA
Hello, lovely!

It was a beautiful, relaxing, soul restoring trip. I always feel rejuvenated after a trip to the seaside – don’t you? We hope to return in the future, when the world has become less apoplectic. We love Point Reyes. September was a fantastic time to camp, because the weather was still lovely, but there were very few people. We went up on a Sunday and returned Monday. This can be done as a day trip as well.

Next up in hiking and camping – Rubicon, South Tahoe!

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