How to Spend a Week In the Gorgeous Gold Coast

A trip to Australia’s dazzling Gold Coast is all about enjoying the balmy, tropical weather –  lounging at beaches and lagoons, eating the spectacular seafood at outside patios, and enjoying the wildlife. Last March, we spent time in Sydney, followed by a week at the Gold Coast and completely fell in love with the Land Down Under. The Gold Coast is located south of Brisbane on Australia’s east coast.


Beach and lagoon hopping up and down the Gold Coast

Lounging with roos’, visiting koalas and other Aussie critters

Top notch seafood – looking at you king prawns and the pies

Lorikeets flitting from tree to tree and fruit bats swooping through the night sky

A Visit to Carrumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

We had the most amazing day lounging with kangaroos, holding koalas and feeding emu at Carrumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.  I legit dream about it all the time. This place is expansive and we spent several hours observing the creatures.  Kangaroos and wallabies hop about with free reign of the park. You can hold a koala – if they aren’t feeling too sleepy. There is a lake filed with giant pelicans, trees filed with chattering jewel colored lorikeets, and skittering fringed lizards can be spotted everywhere. Buy feed at the entrance and feed the ‘roos, as you wander through the park. It’s a magical experience. Turkeys and sacred Ibis roam the grounds. Emu wander around as well, which you can feed (I did, but only after a few fortifying breaths. Emu are intimidating AF.)

Lounging with Kangaroos, Currumbin Gold Coast
I think this should be our new family portrait
Kangaroo Portrait
Lounging with Kangaroos, Carrumbin, Gold Coast
Kanga conversations. I love this country.
Clever girl...raptors in Carrumbin Animal Reserve
Clever girl…….of COURSE we found the raptor
Koala Carrumbin
Look at this perfect little facer

As we were leaving the reserve to begin our beach hopping, a volunteer at the park suggested we grab some fish & chips at The Beach Shack in Currumbin, and enjoy the expansive views. Great recommendation!

Cotton candy clouds at Currumbin Beach, Gold Coast
Cotton candy clouds at Currumbin Beach – not a bad view for lunch!

Beach hopping:

Spend a few days exploring the beaches and lagoons up and down the Gold Coast! The beaches are varied and gorgeous.

Surfer’s Paradise/Broadbeach

Stroll the promenade and enjoy the sun at Surfer’s Paradise. Enjoy some $5 seafood tacos at Koi in classy Broadbeach, followed by cocktails at one of their many great patio happy hours or at a Surfer’s Paradise beach bar. In Broadbeach during one of our happy hours, lorikeets literally filled the sky. It was was amazing.

Surfer's Paradise, Gold Coast!
Gold Coast baby!!! (That’s right – I will never get over Joey T)
Surfer's Paradise Beach
This beach was gorgeous, but quite windy

Burleigh Heads

Choose a spot anywhere along the water for stunning views of Surfer’s Paradise and some sunshine. Grab a curry chicken pie at one of the delicious bakeries in Burleigh Heads, then a pick a spot to lounge on the grass.

Brad Burleigh Heads
Oh, just Brad looking cool AF

Tallebudgera Beach

Check out Tallebudgera Beach for a swim in the serene, turquoise lagoon surrounded by pines. Spot the lorikeets chattering wildly and flitting about in the trees. This was my favorite beach – the water was so placid and clear, it felt like we in Polynesia! It also had a very local vibe, which I loved.

Tallabudgera Beach, Gold Coast
This stunner of an estuary was a great find!


I often find myself day dreaming about lounging on our deck at twilight, watching bright, jewel colored rainbow lorikeets as they swooped from tree to tree in pairs and cockatoos flitting through the sky. Palm trees swayed gently in the breeze, the estuary sparkled green and as the sun set, fruit bats filled the sky. We sat watching the birds and taking in the view for ages. Australia is showstopper, through and through. 


All The Seafood

We went to the most delicious Asian fusian place in Broadbeach called Mamasan, recommended by some friends who live in Sydney and had one of the best meals of my life. Australian king prawns in a rich green curry with perfectly cooked veggies. Brad and I talk about it all the time. Honestly – I was so enraptured by my meal,  I could barely make myself snap one quick pic, before I devoured it.


Where to stay

We stayed at an AirBnb at Surfer’s Paradise overlooking the estuary. Very comfy, great pool, nice views. Another great option is Broadbeach. More sophisticated vibe, better restaurants, but Surfer’s Paradise has the better beach.  Can’t go wrong with either place 🙂





We had a car, which you will need for the beach-hopping. It’s also the best option to get from the Brisbane airport to the Gold Coast. There is a very nice train running from Broadbeach to Surfer’s Paradise, or you could use Uber. 

As you can probably guess, we have already begun planning our next trip to Australia. We are thinking of flying into Brisbane and driving the Great Ocean Road. Brad would like to visit the Barrier Reef as well. I would like to visit Byron Bay, because I am bound and determined to meet Chris Hemsworth.

sexy chris hemsworth GIF